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Sunday, March 05, 2006

In a rut

I am a complete wreck. School's pretty crappy right now...just had a kinetics test that went awfully, and am now studying for a medchem one that'll be on Tuesday. I also have to do a nutrition presentation on the vitamin E paper that I wrote last week. I wish school would end. My courses are tough, and I doubt that I am able to meet the level of intelligence that is required for them.
On to knitting...well I knit when I'm supposed to study, and I decided to have a knitting ban today, unless I'm taking a break. I finished the Zissou hat, fits well, and made one in black too. Then I decided that the Zimmerman sweater looked way too big, tried it on, and it was huge, so I ripped taht apart (so now I have all this green acrylic, and nothing to do with it. I keep starting projects, and then midway deciding to stop them and to start something else, ugh!


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