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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So I finished a scrap scarf, still haven't repaired that damned mitt of Bobby's, and started a bottom up sweater a la Elizabeth Zimmerman. I really shouldn't be knitting, school's really busy right now and my wrist's really sore. meh. This sweater's so mindless that I can study while knitting. It's being made from the cheapest acrylic in a dark sage colour. I'm on a really tight budget right now, so it's really all I can do. At least it keeps me busy.
Speaking of which, I've gotta do some research, listen to some good ole all 4 one and maybe cry the night away about a test I'm really worried about getting back tomorrow (it determines if I pass the year, I have to get 70% to pass, and I really don't feel good about it.
Kill me now,
<3 Hilary


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