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Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm free for a week...sort of

I just finished two exams (jurisprudence and biopharmaceutics), and now I'm off for a week...our spring break which has to actually been spent studying for the more exams which will follow the break. But since it won't be full on hardcore 24/7 studying, I'm be knitting the rest of the time.
So here are the current WIPs
1)Bobby's mitt which needs mending
2)extra large BBBB (the project meant to keep my hands busy but in no rush to finish)
3)cabled wristwarmers (on hold)
4)hot lava (I'll be ripping that out)
5)my aunt's scarf (not urgent)
So, because none of these projects are particularly urgent or interesting, I think I'll stop at the yarn store later on.
I was thinking about making my dad a black Odessa (magknits) for his bday
time for lunch. and time to veg.


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