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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

First Post Ever

So as the name implies (or maybe states directly) this is my first post ever as a blogger. I'm Hilary, a 20 year old pharmacy student in Winnipeg, Canada. I took up knitting this past summer and I'm addicted. I'm often battlling between deciding to study or to knit. Knitting often wins....cuz it's way more fun. I have a big test tomorrow so i must make this quick. There was some kind of used book sale at school today, and guess what I found? Knitting Without Tears! I've really been wanting to get this book and there it was just waiting for me to pay a dollar for it. SCORE. Oh and a pal and I decided it would be awesome to read some vintage 1960's Harlequin Romances...so cheesy- soo good. (I've never delved into the romance category, but it'll be fun(ny) to see what kind of junk is published.) excuses excuses.

Here's an exerpt from Tabitha in the Moonlight "Sister Tabitha just could not damp down her feelings for the attractive Dutch surgeon, Marius van Beek, but what future could there be for her in that direction"....gotta love that cheese

Knits'll be posted as soon as schools not as busy, and I can get a hold of a digi. camera

Hil <3


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