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Monday, February 20, 2006

Currently studying about blepharitis, currently blogging about my spring break knits

So I'm now going to be back at school this week. Boourns. I got a bit of knitting done this week:
1. I finished my dad's charcoal cabled toque made from mission falls 1824 (pattern de snbn)
2. Made my sister Whitney some new mitts, also mission falls: navy and mdium blue striped (using my own excellent mitt pattern)
3. Finishing touches were added to Ian's baby blanket (ie. wee pompoms at each corner) The blanket looks a lot more babiesh now...it's knit in worsted weight and usually i associate baby blankies with a finer guage
4. Mission stash-bust has begun- I'm almost done a scarf made of various colour blocks from scraps I had lying around
5. Koigu (my fave) fingerless mitts from leftovers from my Ipod's sweater /cozy.
6. Gradually chipping away at the larger version of the BBBB that I started for myself about a month ago. It's made out of cheapo acrylic. The main purpose of this was to keep me knitting without spending a lot of money...
So I have an exam today, wednesday, thursday, and three more in the following week and a half. grrr. On a happier note though, guess who's going to see Death Cab (fave band) in April....:)

Later Gator,


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