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Sunday, March 12, 2006

A stashbuster charity

So last night was beer and skits....I'm a little hung over and now I have to study for a pharmacology test tomorrow. Yipes. On the knitting front, my current project isknitting 8 by 8 inch squares to be given to "blanketing manitoba," an organization which puts together knit squares for the less fortunate. I feel good contributing, and it is a good stash buster. Win Win! Current Square count: 4

Sunday, March 05, 2006

In a rut

I am a complete wreck. School's pretty crappy right now...just had a kinetics test that went awfully, and am now studying for a medchem one that'll be on Tuesday. I also have to do a nutrition presentation on the vitamin E paper that I wrote last week. I wish school would end. My courses are tough, and I doubt that I am able to meet the level of intelligence that is required for them.
On to knitting...well I knit when I'm supposed to study, and I decided to have a knitting ban today, unless I'm taking a break. I finished the Zissou hat, fits well, and made one in black too. Then I decided that the Zimmerman sweater looked way too big, tried it on, and it was huge, so I ripped taht apart (so now I have all this green acrylic, and nothing to do with it. I keep starting projects, and then midway deciding to stop them and to start something else, ugh!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Zimmerman & Zissou

Hmm so lets see, I seem to be all bogged down with school right now, but I still keep a few projects on the needles. I have a team Zissou hat on the go now, with my leftover bright red Paton's Classic wool from Christmas. It's a little doubtful that I will actually get too much use out of this toque cuz its pretty bright, but it'll be fun and I'm trying to make use of all my stash that is currently existing as part balls of every colour of Patons merino known to man. Elizabeth Z's sweater is still going strong. I'm now off to finish the most boring paper of my life.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So I finished a scrap scarf, still haven't repaired that damned mitt of Bobby's, and started a bottom up sweater a la Elizabeth Zimmerman. I really shouldn't be knitting, school's really busy right now and my wrist's really sore. meh. This sweater's so mindless that I can study while knitting. It's being made from the cheapest acrylic in a dark sage colour. I'm on a really tight budget right now, so it's really all I can do. At least it keeps me busy.
Speaking of which, I've gotta do some research, listen to some good ole all 4 one and maybe cry the night away about a test I'm really worried about getting back tomorrow (it determines if I pass the year, I have to get 70% to pass, and I really don't feel good about it.
Kill me now,
<3 Hilary

Monday, February 20, 2006

Currently studying about blepharitis, currently blogging about my spring break knits

So I'm now going to be back at school this week. Boourns. I got a bit of knitting done this week:
1. I finished my dad's charcoal cabled toque made from mission falls 1824 (pattern de snbn)
2. Made my sister Whitney some new mitts, also mission falls: navy and mdium blue striped (using my own excellent mitt pattern)
3. Finishing touches were added to Ian's baby blanket (ie. wee pompoms at each corner) The blanket looks a lot more babiesh now...it's knit in worsted weight and usually i associate baby blankies with a finer guage
4. Mission stash-bust has begun- I'm almost done a scarf made of various colour blocks from scraps I had lying around
5. Koigu (my fave) fingerless mitts from leftovers from my Ipod's sweater /cozy.
6. Gradually chipping away at the larger version of the BBBB that I started for myself about a month ago. It's made out of cheapo acrylic. The main purpose of this was to keep me knitting without spending a lot of money...
So I have an exam today, wednesday, thursday, and three more in the following week and a half. grrr. On a happier note though, guess who's going to see Death Cab (fave band) in April....:)

Later Gator,

Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm free for a week...sort of

I just finished two exams (jurisprudence and biopharmaceutics), and now I'm off for a week...our spring break which has to actually been spent studying for the more exams which will follow the break. But since it won't be full on hardcore 24/7 studying, I'm be knitting the rest of the time.
So here are the current WIPs
1)Bobby's mitt which needs mending
2)extra large BBBB (the project meant to keep my hands busy but in no rush to finish)
3)cabled wristwarmers (on hold)
4)hot lava (I'll be ripping that out)
5)my aunt's scarf (not urgent)
So, because none of these projects are particularly urgent or interesting, I think I'll stop at the yarn store later on.
I was thinking about making my dad a black Odessa (magknits) for his bday
time for lunch. and time to veg.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

First Post Ever

So as the name implies (or maybe states directly) this is my first post ever as a blogger. I'm Hilary, a 20 year old pharmacy student in Winnipeg, Canada. I took up knitting this past summer and I'm addicted. I'm often battlling between deciding to study or to knit. Knitting often wins....cuz it's way more fun. I have a big test tomorrow so i must make this quick. There was some kind of used book sale at school today, and guess what I found? Knitting Without Tears! I've really been wanting to get this book and there it was just waiting for me to pay a dollar for it. SCORE. Oh and a pal and I decided it would be awesome to read some vintage 1960's Harlequin Romances...so cheesy- soo good. (I've never delved into the romance category, but it'll be fun(ny) to see what kind of junk is published.) excuses excuses.

Here's an exerpt from Tabitha in the Moonlight "Sister Tabitha just could not damp down her feelings for the attractive Dutch surgeon, Marius van Beek, but what future could there be for her in that direction"....gotta love that cheese

Knits'll be posted as soon as schools not as busy, and I can get a hold of a digi. camera

Hil <3